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25 Oct

Acrylic Couture, Acrylic Glass in a new Light

Afascinating material with boundless opportunities!
All of our meshes and inlays are captured inside the acrylic and float between the poles of visually-soft materiality and solid transparency.
Due to the combination of Oliver Raatz´s long time international entrepreneurial activity and Nicole Seidel´s passion for design and product development, it is our aim to be always one step ahead of the times.
With the experience and support of the company Raatz:KUNSTSTOFFE, who can look back on
over 40 years experience in terms of acrylic glass and the Europe- wide cooperation with technological and scientific faculties, we are able to fully exploit the positive features of the highest quality acrylic glass and constantly extend its applicability.

Benefit from these special properties for a surprisingly wide range of possible applications. Let yourself be inspired.

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