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28 Oct

Sans Souci, Art Glass

Sans Souci is a purely Czech company decorating interiors with tailor-made designer light fixtures and architectural features. Thrill from crystal clear glass, fascination by the fusion with light, and respect of traditional craft permeate its entire production. Its basic pillar consists of artisan glass processing that places emphasis on the finest execution of every detail. The company’s know-how is based on traditional processes honed by years of experience and constantly revived by innovations in design as well as technologies. The combination of these factors gives glass its unique ability of adorning interiors from the floor to the ceiling. The visual beauty of the works, their delicacy and timeless originality lend a sense of firmness and luxury to traditional designs; modern pieces, on the other hand, possess distinctive lightness and originality.

Sans Souci carries out grand, unique projects focusing on light objects, exclusive light fixtures and luxury interior decoration features.