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19 Jun

Sans Souci, New Collection of Light Fixtures

Sans Souci light fixtures are art pieces. Light is simply reductive. Have a look at the new collection previewed in Milan at Euroluce.
KERCHIEFS is a light fixture inspired by delicacy. The designer Katarína Kotuláčová let the wavy leaves flutter about arbitrarily above the ground so as to create an atmosphere of pleasant carelessness and ease.
The illusionist lighting object AURORA by Katarína Kotuláčová adds another dimension to the variability of hand-blown glass. Inspired by polar lights – the fascinating, yet very rare phenomenon in our latitutes – the fixture sets a celestial play into motion.
BRACELET is an unconventional design inspired by polygons. The designer Martin Lukačka used the well-established and always-in-demand curtain of sparkling crystal beads. This time, he attached it to a screen made of glittering bronze cloth, creating a unique polygon-inspired shape.

Come visit Belgravia interior boutique to know more about the new collections on display.